Here’s our schedule. I’m making all of this up as I go along, so the order and content might change from week to week. I’m drawing inspiration from a 2017 version of this workshop developed with Dr. Amy Finnegan (IntraHealth) and from loads of great online learning materials, such as Grolemund and Wickham’s R for Data Science. My goal is to give you a glimpse of what you can do in R and to give you enough skills to know how to take the next step in your learning after the workshop.

  1. Getting started with R and RStudio (April 3)
  2. Getting to know {ggplot2} (April 10)
  3. Importing and transforming data (April 17)
  4. Exploratory data analysis (April 24)
  5. Interactive and animated plots (May 1)
  6. Mapping (May 8)
  7. Text mining (May 15)
  8. Flexdashboards (May 22)
  9. Tidymodels (May 29)
  10. Reproducible workflows (June 5)